Roger Moeller
President / CEO

For over 35 years Roger Moeller has been building in Colorado Springs’ most prestigious areas.  Due to his quality construction and “hand-on” approach, Roger has established a strong client base in CUSTOM residential properties, commercial projects and multi-family communities.  Roger has the utmost respect of his industry partners who are essential in delivering a “product” that exceeds expectations while providing a pleasant building experience.


Gabe Moeller
Vice President

Roger is extremely proud to have his son, Gabe, as the Vice President of Moeller Homes.  Gabe is a third generation custom homebuilder and has learned the construction business from the ground-up.  Beginning in 1999, his experience with the building process, from framing houses to final trim, has uncovered many fine talents and skills.  Gabe obtained his professional contractor’s license in 2005.

Gabe’s gregarious personality and positive attitude is infectious and all Moeller Homes owners agree that Gabe provides customers with confidence in the building process while providing a few jovial moments along the way.  Gabe does have a serious side and has a “no mercy” attitude on the golf course.  Golf is definitely a passion.


Deb Moeller
Realtor / Sales

Deb has been a Real Estate Broker in Colorado Springs for over 30 years.  During that time Deb has been involved in marketing properties in some of Colorado Springs’ most prestigious neighborhoods.  The many long term business and personal relationships established while “working” in the real estate profession are among Deb’s greatest treasures.  Marketing and selling CUSTOM homes for Moeller Homes will be a joy.


Carisa Moeller
Marketing / Sales

Carisa has been doing marketing and advertising for over 10 years.  She provides the company with effective ways to communicate with clients in the constantly changing world of advertising.  More recently she provides sales assistance for Moeller Homes.